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Digital Art Open Calls

We hereby would like to invite digital creators to send in their applications to the DigitalArt Observatory residency of 2021.


As the residency intends to explore and analyze our virtual landscapes, during the selection process, we will pay particular attention to each applicant’s ability to broadcast and promote cultural exchange. It is important for us that the artists we choose understand the broader cultural and artistic landscape in which they work and know how to convey the nuances in the different worlds in which they exist.


Participation in this competition is open to all international organizations and individuals, including students and professionals at all levels of experience, involved in digital art creation.

12 winners will be selected.

No registration fee.

All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit entries independent of their ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, language, ability, age, education, expertise/experience.

To be eligible for an award, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Your work must be original, and you must have the right or authority to submit it for review and have it published.

  • You must read and accept the Digital Observatory ​Terms & Conditions​ before submitting.

  • Entries must not propagate “hate” messages. Statements that are defamatory or otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible.

  • Be Fluent in English. 

You are working with the following genres:

  • Static digital imagery (any type of a still 2D/3D artwork, i.e. pictures, photos, sculptures);

  • Time-based media (experience, that unfolds over time - videos, audios, movies, slides or computer base);

  • Other realities (XR / VR / AR / MR artworks);

  • Generative art (projects created by/with autonomous systems);

  • Interactive digital installations (special digital creations which have interactive aspects or are changing due to the spectator‘s behavior);

  • Web art or net art (artworks, where the Internet serves as a primary medium or source of a concept);

  • Game art (artistic aspects for video games).

  • And other genres;


There are 3 central focus points we will be looking at, thus evaluating the applicants’:

  • Fluency across digital tools (how well-versed are you in creative software)

  • Interaction with breadth of various cultures and communities within the arts and technology spheres (body of work, sample writing, community projects, other initiatives you’ve participated in)

  • Competency in communication (fluency in written as well as spoken English, willingness to engage in conversations, listening capabilities)


In order to assess these we will be asking applicants to submit the following:

  • Portfolio of work or CV, including at least 3 relevant pieces of work or projects

  • Motivation letter detailing the artist’s reasons for applying and expectations regarding the residency


Please keep in mind that the final project should explore one or more of the following historical,cultural or societal intersections between the Ukraine and UK’s:

  • Cultural heritage

  • Environment and ecosystems

  • Innovation



Questions about the application process